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Empowering Architects with Sustainability Feedback

Directly In Your Existing Rhino Workflow!

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Real-time Sustainability

Get real-time feedback on the impacts of your design. With DraftInsights, you can instantly assess the effects on various factors, including noise pollution, solar irradiation, views, and much more."


Parametric Modelling

Unlock the potential of parametric design without requiring expertise in Grasshopper. DraftInsights allows you to effortlessly transform your 3D model into a parametric object with a simple click.

With parametric models, you can generate buildings, facades, or parking lots in just seconds.

Integrated in Rhino

Streamline your design process by minimizing software transitions. We offer seamless integration with Rhino, empowering you to maintain your familiar modeling workflow while harnessing the capabilities of parametric modeling and sustainability analysis at your fingertips.


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